Swift S1

Our Swift S1 is designed for aerobatics as well as for allround use. When it comes to circling the plane needs to be piloted actively, however it's a model which climbs well in weak thermals. Fitted with a Ceflix 500 EDF and 12S it is an awesome aerobatic model which enthuses both pilot and audience. All routines can be piloted very accurately and it actually flies like an RC1 model. The airfoil thickness amounts to 8%, the wing is built in hard-shell technique and it is nearly impossible to dent its surface.

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wing span 3850 mm
fuselage length 2010 mm
takeoff weight sailplane with gear from 11 kg
takeoff weight with Ceflix 500 12,5 kg
airfoil thickness 8%
scale 1:3.3
center of gravity 102 mm without wing (with elevator)
Included flap (2 flaps)
In normal flight switch off the flap.
↑ 11 mm↓ 7 mm Inner side measurement
↑ 12 mm↓ 8 mm Aileron measured outside
Thermal and speed aerobatic
↓ 7 mm Flap Inner side measurement
↓ 1 mm Aileron measured outside
Speed Aerobatic
↑ 5 mm Flap Inner side measurement
Landing (Butterfly)
↓ max Flap Inner side measurement Please check that the servo has the mechanical end and the mylar tape is inside.
↑ 9 mm Aileron measured outside
↓ 6 mm Elevator mix
↑ 22-25 mm↓ 17
expo 30%. measured outside
30 mm expo 35%, measured on the horn in front
All dimensions in millimeters (mm).
Description Actuating Power Application
6x KST A15 1208 18 kg 2x Aileron, 2x Flap, 1x Elevator, 1x Rudder, 1x Gear, 1x Tow release
  • all carbon wing with 2 flaps
  • very sturdy surface, no more surface dents caused by transport accidents
  • wing prepared for crossover servo linkage
  • 20 x 50 mm CFK main wing joiner
  • fuselage reinforcements with additional glas fibres in the cockpit area and UD-carbon in the tail boom
  • canopy mechanics
  • wing lock system with M6 screw installed
  • compound paint with high UV resistance
  • fuselage seam line painted over

Optionally available against surcharge

  • bags for fuselage and wings made of exclusive Cordura
  • canopy installation
  • gear installation
  • Ceflix 500 installation
  • seam line of wings and elevator painted over
  • LDS linkage system (only possible with servo installation)