Bd5 Microjet

This all-moulded glass fibre Bd5 microjet is the result of a collaboration with Bruckmann Modellbau. Its size (scale 66%) is really impressive, and the flight qualities are neutral. Due to the extensive height of the fuselage slow knife-edge flight is easy, and slow rolls are a piece of cake. The Bd5 microjet is the ultimate model to have fun with, and despite its size the weight can be kept below 25 kg without problems. Only materials of the highest quality are used for production of the kit parts. The high degree of pre-farication tremendously helps reducing the build-up time.

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wing span 3500 mm
fuselage length 2440 mm
takeoff weight including 5 liters of diesel fuel from 23 kg
engine jet cat 180 (diesel)
undercarriage electric gear
scale 1:1,5 66% scale
center of gravity 90 mm without wing (with elevator)
  • glas fibre fuselage with carbon reinforcement at specific area
  • all frames/bulkheads already glued in place in the fuselage
  • very strong mixed glass/carbon wing with specific carbon reinforcement
  • all flaps on the kit ready installed
  • very strong 40 mm aluminium strongal wing joiner tube
  • all-moving tailplane with rocker already installed
  • special light and strong frames/bulkheads milled from carbon-airex for turbine front gear and fuel tank
  • gear doors cut out