The Dragonfly 1/3.5 is a very handy and robust aircraft. The calculation of the aerodynamic design was done by our friend Benny Rodax.

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wing span 4280 mm
fuselage length 1790 mm
area 73,5 qdm
takeoff weight glider without landing gear 5,9 kg
takeoff weight complete with drive Jetec E80 8S 7,5 kg
airfoil thickness 9% - 8%
scale 1:3.5
center of gravity 87 mm
Very Important: if the CG is correct the Libelle will not make an turn over the wing by very slowly speed, only takes the nose down. If not, you have to take weight in the nose.
Data sheet setting values (PDF)

Individual deviations are possible. RAL tone 9003 2K (white). Attention, please clean the paint only with polish (no acetone or spirit) !!!

Description Actuating Power Application
KST X10 10mm 9 kg 2x Aileron, 1x Elevator, 1x Rudder, 2x Flap
(Hard shell version Flap2x KST A12 Torque)
  • full carbon wing with 3 flaps
  • very sturdy surface
  • wing prepared for crossover servo linkage
  • CFK main wing joiner 15x40mm
  • fuselage reinforcements with additional glas fibres in the cockpit area and carbon in the tail boom
  • wing lock system with M4 screw installed
  • wings and elevator assembled
  • two-component varnish RAL 9003