Zlin 50

Our Zlin 50 is visually a very beautiful and not everyday aircraft. Sepp Würth, who made the original model, put a lot of emphasis on detail and the surface with all the rivets is really perfect. When flying, the handling is very well balanced, and by increasing the flaps you can turn an easy to fly plane into a real aerobatic plane, where extreme flight maneuvers are possible. However, the most beautiful is the classic aerobatics.

In glider towing, the Zlin, despite its low wing, flies lamplessly from the front even with heavy gliders, without having to make any major corrections. In aerobatics, you can really let off steam after towing. We have a Vallach 140 installed on our plane, which is a great match for the scale plane in terms of sound. The construction of the Zlin is light but still very robust, so that you can enjoy the plane for a long time without having dents in the fuselage or wings.

Designer and original model Sepp Würth

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wing span 2850 mm
fuselage length 2250 mm
takeoff weight inclusive 1 liter gasoline from 15,5 kg
motor Vallach 140-170, or similar
gear GFK
scale 1:3